Shaker Historical Society

We inspire people to engage in and celebrate the Shaker Heights story and its impact on the region… past, present, and future.

  • Please, don’t exterminate. What can you do instead?

    Spring has sprung in Shaker Heights, and we are gearing up for many projects on site to fix, repair and otherwise do to maintain this 1910 historic house. We have had carpenter bees poking their heads through some boards and if you live near here - you probably have them too. Please, don’t exterminate. What can you do instead? If they are inside or pose a threat to people, have a beekeeper come out and remove the queen. The breeding cycle is active in the spring, then they are done for the year.…

  • Bremec Garden Center to sponsor Gracious Gardens of Shaker Heights!

    Special thanks to Bremec Garden Center for their sponsorship of the 14th Annual Gracious Gardens of Shaker Heights Garden Tour!

  • Boston’s most famous patriot-silversmith

    On this day, April 18th, a long, long time ago, Paul Revere embarked on his famous midnight ride that launched the American Revolution.