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    Bowditch Oak Storm Damage 1895-2019

    After the microburst came through Shaker Heights on Friday, September 13th, the Shaker Historical Society lost a tree within our wooded section facing Shaker Blvd. Although the utility company replaced the utility pole, that area remains closed to the public. Our property facing South Park was looking well thanks to Liberatore Landscape Construction and volunteer Brian Cook who helped to clear dead branches and twigs. We thought we were finished... and then in the early hours of this morning a large limb from one of Ernest Bowditch's ca. 1895 oaks fell over South Park Blvd. City Forester Charles Orlowski and his crew promptly came to clear the road and help to ensure public safety. Sadly though - this tree must come down entirely, so we are working now to find an arborist team who can complete the work asap. Crews across NEO are still backlogged from Sept 13th, so please be advised that we are working as fast as we can to complete the task. 


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