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We inspire people to engage in and celebrate the Shaker Heights story and its impact on the region… past, present, and future.

Textile Collection Index
Recent Acquisitions
Textile Collection by Kate Connors
Shaker Furniture
Textiles! Gabrielle Lucas, former intern
Alvira Daly Sampler
Alvira Daly Sampler Made at North Union
Used to survey Shaker Village
19th Century Dress
19th Century Dress Textile Collection includes Warrensville Twp
Shaker Heights Badge
Shaker Heights Badge Donated by Bob Shimits
Shaker Heights Dollhouse 1940
Shaker Heights Dollhouse 1940 Donated by Peggy Luckiesh Kundtz 2016 Made by her father Dr Matthew Luckiesh in design of her home at 21175 Shaker Blvd
Property sign
Property sign For Sale sign for Shaker Village
Shaker Furniture
Shaker Furniture From North Union and other sites

The Shaker Historical Society has many collections that it researches, documents, preserves, and shares with the public. Most objects relate to the Shakers of North Union—their clothing, inventions, and tools—but there is a growing collection related to Shaker Village and the development of Shaker Heights as a community.


We are actively collecting, and welcome donations that would help us tell the Shaker Heights story! Please contact for more details.


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