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We are interested in receiving donations that further our mission and are in line with our Collection Policy. We preserve and collection objects related to Shaker Heights history. If you have something you are willing to donate, please contact Ware Petznick. We must confirm that the item is in good condition, not duplicated in our collection already and adds to the story of Shaker Heights.


PLEASE DO NOT simply drop off items as we cannot accept them without making proper legal arrangements.


Shown left is Peggy Kundtz and her dollhouse, ca. 1940 before it was donated to the museum in 2016. Her father modelled it upon their home on Shaker Boulevard.

The Textile Collection was photographed, reorganized and indexed by Kate Connors in the summer of 2015. As an intern, Kate brought order from chaos for the entire textile collection in the Shaker Historical Museum. She also included photographs and descriptions of eye glasses and hats.


This costume collection contains mainly objects designed for women, specifically for Shaker sisters. There are some items designed for children and men. The objects were produced in the 19th and 20th centuries and mainly have a Cleveland, Ohio, provenance.


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Doll Collection The museum also has acquired a number of dolls ranging from those made for the Shakers' adopted children to 19th century and early 20th century dolls that belonged to Shaker Heights residents, like this late Victorian china doll. Diana Tebo indexed our doll collection.

The Furniture Collection is mainly of Shaker manufacture. This stems from our original mission being solely about the Shakers - so we have beds, chairs, chests and other items from other communities besides North Union. Few items date from the 20th century, but we do have a desk, credenza and bookcase from the Van Sweringens' offices. 

The Shaker Historical Society has an extensive collection of Shaker furniture and artifacts and the most furniture documented to the North Union community in the world. We also have artifacts relating the development of Shaker Heights, the Van Sweringens, the Shaker Rapid and Warrensville Township.

New Acquisitions