Shaker Historical Society




On Exhibit August 8 - October 31, 2017

Historic Zoar Village is a travelling exhibit celebrating the Bicentennial of the Zoar Separatist's settlement at Zoar, Ohio, along the Tuscawaras River. There German settlers from Wittenberg, Germany, established a communal society where a strong work ethic, gender equality, sustainability and industry, simple clothing and furniture, service to God and even celibacy, for a time, set the framework for their community.Sound familiar?


Ohio was a natural landing spot for communal societies to establish themselves, whether as new immigrants like the Zoarites or as longstanding inhabitants from eastern colonies who sought religious freedom and land in the Midwest. Ohio was a good place where many utopian societies flourished in the early 19th century. There seem to have been more established in Ohio than in any other state. Three Shaker communities developed here. Joseph Smith and his Mormon church settled in Kirtland before heading west, ultimately settling in Utah. Many other groups, like the Amish, also came here seeking to establish their own rules and ways of living. 


Visit the Shaker Historical Society between August 8 and October 31, 2017 to learn more about this 19th century phenomenon and how the Shakers of North Union relate to another communal society in Ohio.