Shaker Historical Society


    Common Ground Cleveland

    The Shaker Historical Society was proud to be a part of the Cleveland Foundation's Common Ground conversations yesterday. We partnered with EYEJ: Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice who organized the event at Plymouth Church and with many students from the SGORR from Shaker Heights High School. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Greg Hutchings, Jr. also was there. EYEJ had done so much of the work already, there was very little left for the Shaker Historical Society to do other than participate and to promote the event, which it did, among our members and audiences. Had we had the opportunity to speak, we would have reminded those present of the exceptional lessons that the Shakers of North Union can provide when considering social justice. The Shakers were peaceful people who cared about their fellow men and women. They believed in gender and racial equality and were quick to take action to help those in need. When others chose different paths in life, the Shakers accepted that the world is filled with people who think and feel differently. When Phoebe Litzel wanted to leave to get married, the Shakers made a quilt for her, stitched with love. The Shakers did not impose their own religious beliefs on other people or expect others to conform. How many groups today can claim all of that? #CommonGroundCLE



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