Shaker Historical Society


    Are You Living History?

    At The Shaker Historical Society, we are very fortunate to experience living history on a daily basis. Pictured below is Nancy Wykoff, one of the fifteen students in the sampler class of 1937 at Malvern. Nancy returned eighty years later to take pride in her work.

    Are you living history? Share your stories with us!



    We still want you to be a member and support the art and culture of this community. Show that you care about Shaker Heights, it's past; present and future, by becoming a member in our 70th year. Just check our events and posts on Facebook or consult our website... better yet, come by the museum on South Park and see for yourself what we do for you.


    Do you know when is the best time to take down dead trees?

    After consulting our arborist Dominic Liberatore and Christy at the Nature Center, we now know that nesting season is over, so if you wondered if you might be destroying a bird or owl's habitat, you need not worry now. There might still be a hole in a tree where creatures had been nesting, but they aren't doing it now - so it is ok to chop chop! You learn something new every day. 


    Love houses?

    It's another great day at the Shaker Historical Society! We are now in possession of a reprint of the Ohio Architect and Builder, Vol. 18. This reprint showcases many of Shaker Heights' first homes built along South Park Boulevard... in particular the fabulous George Page & JWC Corbusier, architects, design for Mrs. J.R. Ranney opposite Horseshoe Lake! It also has an ad for Manest Clothes dryers like the one in the Myers Mansion basement! Such primary evidence is what we actively seek for our archives. Thank you Donna Kohl! To research in our library, please make an appointment. General admission is $5, but is free for Shaker Historical Society members! Love houses?


    Visitors from across America, plus Canada, Germany and Italy toured the museum today. 

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