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Enjoy the spirit of the Gracious Gardens of Shaker Heights garden weekend all year round! Robin Schachat has designed a series of lectures and workshops to keep your fingers green throughout 2017.  Click here for more info!


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Gracious Gardens Series


Please note that all programs can be amended to serve audiences of all ages - whether it is a social club lecture over lunch or a high school International Baccalaureate class - we tell the same stories... just tailor the story to the audience. The facts remain the same! 


Mark your calendars for the last week in June for our SHAKER DIG CAMP III! Designed for students grades 3-9, we teach the fundamentals of archaeology, the history of the Shakers and object analysis! 

Help us to be the best ambassadors we can to visitors from around the region and the world who come to visit! We train you & you could earn free membership to all Ohio History Connection sites!

Many people feel they know Shaker Heights - but do you really? Recent research has uncovered many surprising details about the truth of the development of Shaker Heights. There are many false assumptions and generalizations about this fine City. The true tale is that there are exceptions to the common history of the Van Sweringens and their development of this inner ring suburb of Cleveland. 

The DESIGN of Shaker Heights was very much a part of the Van Sweringens' master plan for their new development. They established building codes before city's had building codes. Their deed restrictions dictated the design of homes and the landscape in which they were constructed. From French Normandy and your classic red brick colonial to AIA-award winning modern architecture, Shaker Heights has a rich history of its architecutre, and we offer several programs to suit your needs - including Bike Shaker bike tours!

Learn how to care for your antiques, furniture, heirloom linens, and other treasures. Bring in ONE item from your collection on the day of your choice and learn about relevant conservation methods and home care. Tuesday: general objets d’art, Wednesday: furniture and woodwork, Thursday: textiles, Friday: metalwork.


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We are the home of BIKE SHAKER! This community group has its own Facebook page for activities and bicycle related announcements. PLUS, we guide bike tours of historic Shaker Heights in the late summer and early autumn months!




Caring for your Collections

Shaker Heights Architecture

The Shaker Heights you never knew!





Life of a Shaker

Discover what it was to live as a Shaker at North Union - from the religious sect's culture and beliefs, their customs, traditions, dress and inventions. Just how did this 19th century experiment in communal living operate here between 1822 and 1889. What did they invent? How did they worship? How were they governed?


This program includes inventions and innovations and a good reference for the Shakers' exceptional work ethic.