Shaker Historical Society

We inspire people to engage in and celebrate the Shaker Heights story and its impact on the region… past, present, and future.



Every November we honor Shaker Heights visionaries who give back to this community. We celebrate their accomplishments at our Movers and Shakers benefit, but they are not the only residents we care about! We want to know about everyone who has ever chosen to live here. We celebrate Emily Jefferson and immigrants from the Isle of Man who settled here in Warrensville Township, as well as the Shakers of North Union and everyone who has followed.


Are you a boomerang baby? Raised in Shaker Heights, left for college, maybe a career, then returned with your family? It's a trend we have noticed often here. There is a special kind of magic that draws residents here and makes then choose to live here. 


Since residents are tied so closely with their homes (residences) we may include household information also. We are developing this idea now, so if you have any thoughts on the subject... do get in touch! For now, here are a few of the extraordinary residents of Shaker Heights.