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We inspire people to engage in and celebrate the Shaker Heights story and its impact on the region… past, present, and future.


We are seeking a Sunday docent to help visitors on Sunday afternoons and the first Saturday of the month.  Job vacancy will remain open until filled.

  • Museum Docent. The initial job duties the Employee will be expected to perform will be the following:
  • Handle reception, opening and closing duties. Ensure that the property and museum are in good order and safe for the public. Greet visitors, sell tickets, manage sales in the gift shop and record details of the events of the day. Check voice messages and act upon them, as appropriate. Water the plants, inside and outside in containers. Maintain forms or documents for Visitors, such as scavenger hunt with pencil on clipboards for children. Support the Executive Director and business of the Shaker Historical Society as needed. Prepare statistics/information about museum visitation and activities for grant reporting and financial accounting. Assist in preparing for and clearing up after programs held on Sunday afternoons. Be vigilant and act as security for the museum while visitors are present. Agree not to speak to reporters about any matter but rather direct inquiries to the Employer. Will not accept items for donation to the collection but will refer donors to contact the Employer directly during office hours. Will follow all staff policies.
  • Current Vacancy is for a docent to work every Sunday 2 to 5pm (but the first of the month) and the first Saturday of the month 12-5pm, while the Society continues its trial to be open on Saturdays. 
  • Pay $11 per hour.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer.
  • Please send a letter of interest and resume to Dr Petznick via email.


Contact Ware at if you would like to apply for this fun and important role at the Shaker Historical Society's home on South Park Blvd in Shaker Heights!


Contact Rick at if you are interested in volunteer opportunities in our museum, art gallery or gift shop!


Kate Walker, Marketing Coordinator

Ware Petznick earned a BA in Art History  from Wellesley College, studied Art  History at the University of St. Andrews  for an MPhil in addition to a PhD in Furniture History in 2000. After working in Boston and Texas, she returned to Scotland and earned an MLitt with Honours in Decorative Art and Design History from the University of Glasgow in 2009. She has worked as an intern or on a contract basis for museums, libraries and archives in the United States and the United Kingdom including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Scotland's Secret Bunker, Colonial Williamsburg, Historic New England, the National Trust for Scotland, The Whitney Museum and the Frist Center for Visual Art. Ware served the McFaddin-Ward House as Curator of Collections (2005-2008), was a Design and Education Associate at Pollok House (2009) and was lecturer and webmaster for the Folk Fae Fife Science Festival for the University of St Andrews (2009-10). Ware has worked at the Shaker Historical Society since February 2013.

Kate is an award-winning communications professional who has experience working in a variety of industries including: non-profit, corporate, and government agencies. She graduated from John Carroll Universtiy with a degree in Communications in 2004. She has worked in Washington DC, Chicago, and Cleveland doing strategic communications, consulting as well as sales and marketing work. Kate loves working with people and learning about their history. Kate lives with her family in Shaker Heights and is excited about working at the Shaker Historical Society and utilizing her communications experience to help raise awareness about this history of our great community!

Ware Petznick, Executive Director

An avid reader of history and visitor to historic sites, Rick Smith has found a new home for his hobby at The Shaker Historical Society. 

A corporate “PR guy” for more than 30 years, Rick knows a lot of history about the aluminum, aerospace and automotive industries and a little history about the eye care, energy and travel businesses.

Rick and his wife, Anne, a retired independent school administrator and public school history teacher are enjoying their second “tour” of Shaker Heights as grandparents.  They lived and worked in Shaker Heights for thirteen years during their first tour and reared their two children, Rick and Carolyn.  Their son, also a Rick, served on the SHS Board and his daughter, Hazel, serves as a student volunteer at SHS.   If you don’t believe history repeats itself, albeit in genealogical reverse, just ask the Smiths.

Rick, the elder, holds a bachelor’s degree in history (what else?) from Muskingum University and a master’s degree in public relations from American University.

Rick looks forward to meeting and hearing the history stories from many SHS members and guests at the Museum. 


Rick Smith, Office Manager